About Adesto

About Adesto

Inventing Memory for Things

Adesto Technologies is the inventor of the world’s lowest power memory solutions; technology innovation that enables a new class of connected applications and previously unimagined devices. Our product portfolio includes DataFlash® memory, Fusion Serial Flash, EcoXiP™ system accelerating memory and Mavriq™ and Moneta™ serial memory devices.

In 2006, the founders of Adesto Technologies set out to build a new company focused on developing innovative, low-power memory solutions based on a promising type of Resistive RAM technology called Conductive Bridging RAM (CBRAM). CBRAM technology is different from other emerging memories in that it can be customized to serve a wide range of applications.  As a standalone memory, commercial products based on CBRAM technology, have inherent advantages over competitive non-volatile memories. Its advantages include ultra low-energy consumption and ultra-fast write capabilities, making it a natural fit for Internet of Things, Wearables, and other energy-conscious applications.

"Adesto's ultra-low power, 'smart' solutions have inherent advantages over competitive non-volatile memories. These application-specific memories are enabling a new class of connected applications."

In September 2012, Adesto expanded the company’s value-added memory business by acquiring Atmel’s DataFlash and Serial NOR Flash product lines. Since the acquisition, Adesto has enhanced its Serial Flash lines by bringing to market new, low voltage, feature-rich products. These products deliver to customers high quality Serial Flash solutions which help designers to extend battery life, reduce system power, accelerate processor performance and reduce overall system costs.

Value Added Memory Products

Adesto DataFlash and Serial Flash can store any combination of boot code, application code, parametric data and user data in every density from 256Kbit to 128Mbits. DataFlash devices offer uniform page erase size as small as 256 bytes. This provides the user with the ability to perform completely self-contained, read-modify-write operations with minimal system overhead and management.

Our DataFlash products offer byte write capability, dual and quad I/O interfaces, 85 MHz operation, low power read of <10 MHz, zero-power shutdown, 1.6V and 2.3V operation and smart features to improve security and energy efficiency. Targeted for wearable, mobile, and other energy conscious applications, Adesto’s new “Fusion” Serial Flash family enhances Adesto’s existing AT25DF products by combining industry standard sector sizes and read/write commands with new features such as wide Vcc (1.65V-3.6V), “ultra-deep power down” mode, and page erase capability.

Mavriq Serial EEPROM is an ultra-low power, ultra-fast non-volatile serial memory family of products that replace EEPROM devices. Mavriq devices can write up to 200 times faster than competitive technologies, while consuming about 1/3 the current to read and write. Moneta serial memory is the world’s lowest power non-volatile memory commercially available. With a Read Power of 15uW and Standby of 0.09uW, Moneta memory can significantly extend battery life.

EcoXiP is a new eXecute-in-Place (XiP) non-volatile memory (NVM) that replaces expensive, energy-inefficient architectures, making power and performance trade-offs unnecessary in a wide range of connected devices. EcoXiP more than doubles processor performance, lowers system power consumption and reduces system cost compared to standard serial peripheral interface (SPI) devices.

Together, Adesto’s complementary technologies offer designers a wide variety of solutions for low-energy storage. With these features, Adesto memories can extend the life of battery-operated and other energy-conscious devices such as Bluetooth low energy (BLE) products, DECT ULE (Ultra Low Energy), ZigBee RF4CE, Z-Wave and other Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct applications.