About Adesto

About Adesto

Inventing Memory for Things

In 2006, the founders of Adesto Technologies set out to build a new company focused on developing innovative, low-power memory solutions based on a promising type of Resistive RAM technology called Conductive Bridging RAM (CBRAM). CBRAM technology is different from other emerging memories in that it can be customized to serve a wide range of applications.  As a standalone memory, commercial products based on CBRAM technology, have inherent advantages over competitive non-volatile memories. Its advantages include ultra low-energy consumption and ultra-fast write capabilities, making it a natural fit for Internet of Things, Wearables, and other energy-conscious applications. In addition, Adesto has licensed its technology as an embedded memory to several large SOC (System on Chip) Semiconductor companies and thus enabled them to develop a future roadmap without limitations.

"As a standalone memory, commercial CBRAM products have inherent advantages over competitive non-volatile memories."

Unlike other memory technologies, CBRAM is completely CMOS compatible and through optimizations of the memory cell, its architecture, and the manufacturing process it can be shown to be extremely versatile in the way it operates. Adesto released its first CBRAM-based memory devices in 2012 and now offers commerical CBRAM-serial memory product selections, targeting the $5B non-volatile EEPROM and NOR Flash markets.

In September 2012, Adesto expanded the company’s value-added memory business by acquiring Atmel’s DataFlash and Serial Flash product lines. Since the acquisition, Adesto has enhanced its Serial Flash lines by bringing to market new, low voltage, feature-rich products. These products deliver to customers high quality Serial Flash solutions which help designers to extend battery life, reduce system power, and reduce overall system costs.