Adesto’s 1st CBRAM Product. CBRAM, fully integrated in a 130nm logic process is less than 1/3 the die size of leading EEPROM devices.


The CBRAM cell consists of two non-critical layers added to the base CMOS layers all without compromising the Silicon IP.


CBRAM Technology

Adesto’s CBRAM Technology is the lowest power, lowest cost non-volatile memory for mainstream and embedded applications.

Read our recent product announcement: Adesto Announces Major Breakthrough in Low Power Memory with 1.2 Volt CBRAM or visit the Mavriq™ memory products page.

The non-volatile memory is created by applying patented metallization and dielectric stack layers between CMOS interconnect layers (see photo). The size of the memory cell is determined by the underlying access transistor (whether using a Logic or DRAM process). The result is a superior NVM with long-term CMOS scalability. CBRAM memory was originally developed at Arizona State University and is also known as Programmable Metallization Cell (PMC). It has been shown that CBRAM has the ability to operate as a low power NVM DRAM replacement. In addition, the technology has been shown to be scalable down to 12nm.

Adesto’s Strong Intellectual Property Position

Since 2007, Adesto Technologies has led the way in developing CBRAM technology and currently is recognized in the industry for its strong patent portfolio. Adesto has a strong IP position in the Resistive RAM space, including over 100 patents granted with dozens more in process. In addition, Adesto possesses significant manufacturing know how that has led to its first commercial product.

Adesto’s Licensing Program of CBRAM Technology Offers Path for Commercial Success in Wide Range of Markets and Applications

Adesto Technologies is the recognized leader in Resistive Memories highlighted by being the first to introduce a CBRAM based memory device and in forging licensing partnerships with SOC partners in the semiconductor industry. Semiconductor IC companies who are Fab or Fabless and looking to take advantage of CBRAM’s lower power, more economical embedded memory can contact Adesto directly for partnership opportunities.

Foundries interested in expanding their IP portfolio with a scalable non-volatile memory built in standard CMOS technology and exhibits high performance and low power characteristics can partner with Adesto for implementations in today’s 200mm or more advanced 300mm process technologies. Through changes in design and CBRAM process, a memory cell can be created that in one instance exhibits long retention like a Flash product and in another may have the characteristics of a fast access DRAM with longer retention (though much lower in power). Adesto’s strength is in identifying the design techniques and materials that are ideal for a given applications.

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