Fast Write CBRAM

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Fast Write Demo

CBRAM vs EEPROM: Side-by-Side Write Speed Demonstration

Adesto’s low energy CBRAM features byte write that is ~60x faster, and page write that is ~10x faster than competitive EEPROM devices.

To demonstrate this we have created a side-by-side demonstration of Mavriq’s CBRAM technology versus a competitive EEPROM device. The board is powered by a USB power input connected to a laptop or powered USB hub and can display either page write or byte write.

Features and Benefits:

  • Low power/low energy operation extends system battery life
  • Ultra-fast write speeds
  • Write protect of the entire memory array
  • Reduced product manufacturing steps and costs
  • Available in I2C and SPI Protocols
  • One-Time Programmable (OTP) Security Register
  • Auto Ultra-Deep Power-Down


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