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Adesto Releases High Temperature Non-Volatile Memories for Emerging Applications

Monday, March 30, 2015

New Serial Flash Memory Chips Operate at Temperatures Between -40 and 125 Degrees Celsius

SUNNYVALE, CA–(Marketwired – Mar 30, 2015) – Adesto Technologies, the inventor and market leader of the world’s lowest power memory solutions, today announced new additions to its Serial Flash family of memory chips designed to operate at significantly higher temperatures than standard devices. The products target a range of existing and emerging Internet of Things applications that are required to operate in more extreme environments.

Adesto’s high temperature Serial Flash products, available in 512Kbit to 16Mbit densities are designed to operate between -40 to 125 degrees Celsius while retaining core competencies such as wide voltage range and ultra-low power operation. The new products employ the company’s recognized experience delivering products of exceptional quality and reliability, characteristics of paramount importance in electronics subjected to extreme temperature.

High temperature memory meets the needs of a wide range of IoT and industrial applications, such as motor controls, solar power generation, wireless industrial sensors, smart lighting, metering and other power conversion, as well as other wireless nodes operating in extreme environments. Adding non-volatile memory to connected devices operating in high temperature environments enables users to perform important tasks such as over-the-air updates of operating code or other critical data. In solid-state lighting applications, non-volatile memory is key to remote over the air firmware updates, where data such as operating settings is stored and revised.

“Elevated temperature is a key contributor to electronics failures. As modern electronic designs push the boundaries of power management and space utilization this heat management problem increases,” said Paul Hill, Director of Product Marketing, Serial Memory Products at Adesto. “Rigorous design, product manufacturing, and test standards qualify our high-temperature products to withstand the extreme duress they encounter in these challenging applications.”

“At Adesto, our job is to enable the innovative devices that our customers are developing,” said Narbeh Derhacobian, CEO of Adesto. “As the Internet of Things promises to connect more and more devices and systems, we’re certain to face challenges to the specifications of existing memory solutions. We’re excited to tackle those challenges along with our customers, and develop products to contribute to a smarter world.”

Selected products are available in a variety of packages including discrete packages, chip-scale and Known-Good-Die. Contact Adesto or visit for more information.

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