About Adesto

About Adesto

Smart Solutions for the IoT

We are a leading provider of innovative, application-specific semiconductors and embedded systems that comprise the essential building blocks of Internet of Things (IoT) edge devices operating on networks worldwide. Our broad portfolio of semiconductor and embedded technologies are optimized for connected IoT devices used in industrial, consumer, communications and medical applications.

Through expert design, unparalleled systems expertise, and proprietary intellectual property (IP), we enable our customers to differentiate their systems where it matters most for IoT: better efficiency, greater reliability and security, integrated intelligence and lower cost. Our broad product portfolio covers everything from IoT edge servers, routers, nodes, and communication modules to analog, digital and non-volatile memory (NVM) technologies which are delivered in the form of standard products, application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), and IP cores.

Our Embedded Systems Division, formed around the September 2018 acquisition of Echelon Corporation, develops open-standard networking platforms and tools for connecting, monitoring and controlling devices in commercial and industrial IoT deployments. Today there are more than 140 million Echelon-powered connected devices worldwide. The new Echelon edge server platform enables companies to drive intelligent and automated decisions in the IIoT through its revolutionary open, extensible architecture that allows solutions to:

  • “Embrace” legacy devices and protocols,
  • “Extend” with emerging IoT protocols and applications, and
  • “Enhance” with insights from cloud and AI systems.

Our ASIC & IP Division, formed through the May 2018 acquisition of S3 Semiconductors, provides analog, mixed-signal and RF ASICs and IP blocks, and manages every aspect of supplying high-quality devices to our customers who include original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), semiconductor vendors, and systems houses. We combine our expertise in chip design and supply chain management to deliver finished products that help customers optimize their bills of materials and electronic system designs. By shrinking their systems into custom ASICs, we are able to significantly cut customers’ costs, while boosting product performance, and providing product differentiation and protection.

These custom ASICs, which are capable of integration with our Embedded Systems Division offerings, will enable Adesto to provide unique future differentiation for our IIoT customers.

Our Memory Products Division designs and delivers ultra-low power, smart devices that enable a new class of connected applications. We design our memory products with specific features and embedded intelligence to dramatically reduce the overall energy consumption of our customers’ systems and extend their battery life, while delivering higher performance, greater reliability, enhanced security, and lower system cost. Our customers, including leading OEMs and original design manufacturers (ODMs), select our memories because of the distinct advantages the devices can provide compared to commodity NVM devices, as well as the enhanced value they deliver at a system level.