Connecting your world

Communications technologies are at the heart of the world today, creating amazing new connections between objects, geographies and people. From your smartphone to satellites in space to everything in between, Adesto’s technologies provide key functionality and capabilities in these systems. Adesto ensures that creators of these devices can achieve the best performance, power and cost while ensuring seamless communications across the connected world.


Embedded Systems

Our open-standard networking platforms and tools connect monitor and control devices in commercial and industrial IoT deployments. The new Echelon edge server platform enables companies to drive intelligent and automated decisions in the IIoT through its revolutionary open, extensible architecture that allows solutions to “Embrace” legacy devices and protocols, “Extend” with emerging IoT protocols and applications, and “Enhance” with insights from cloud and AI systems.


Our Narrowband PowerLine Communications (PLC) products provide universal communications solutions for smart grid and IoT. Designed for flexibility and programmability, the devices have proven superior performance in rough channel conditions using a variety of communication schemes ranging from OFDM-based industry standard modes to proprietary super-robust modes. They operate seamlessly with globally accepted communication protocols and standards, while embedding proprietary schemes that enhance the reliability and functionality of established systems.



Custom ASICs & IP

We design and manufacture custom integrated circuits (ASICs) that ensure the seamless integration of analog and digital subsystems within your wired or wireless communications systems.  Decades of RF design experience, coupled with proven high-performance mixed-signal IP, mean fast, cost-effective chip development and assured performance, in both narrow-band and broad-band communication segments. Our ultra-efficient high-speed data-converters are at the heart of leading broadband wireless access solutions and next generation wireline communication systems.




Application-Specific Memories

Our non-volatile memory (NVM) devices are designed with specific features and embedded intelligence to dramatically reduce a system’s overall energy consumption and extend its battery life, while delivering higher performance, greater reliability, enhanced security, and lower system cost.



We’re Adesto. We make smart solutions for communications applications.