Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

Everyday electronics don’t have to be ordinary.

We live in a world of gadgets. At Adesto, we believe that the world should spend less time charging devices and changing batteries. That’s why we offer a range of application-specific low power memory solutions for every kind of consumer and industrial device. Our DataFlash, Serial Flash, and breakthrough CBRAM technologies offer the highest performance and lowest energy consumption of any comparable memory products on the market.

We’re Adesto. We make smart chips for consumer electronics.

Click on the products below to learn more about Adesto’s memory solutions. Featured devices include:

DataFlash®128 Byte Unique IDSector Security
Byte WriteWide VCCUltra Deep Power Down
Fusion128 Byte Unique IDLow Energy
Page Write/EraseWide VCCUltra Deep Power Down
Mavriq™ Byte WriteSterilization Tolerant
Ultra Low EnergyUltra Fast WriteWrite Protect of the Entire Array