Everyday electronics don’t have to be ordinary.

Smartphones, smartwatches, key finders, fitness trackers, augmented reality (AR) glasses, fingerprint recognition systems, robotics, drones, and whatever comes next. These are just a few of the growing number of applications for intelligent electronics to extend our senses and provide us real time data on our health and fitness. As these devices and their uses multiply, we’re developing ways to extend their operating life, and reduce the need to recharge.

Custom ASICs & IP

The physical world is analog. Our high-performance mixed-signal ASICs, embedded with microprocessors, memory and connectivity connect the physical world to the cyber world. From applications such as finger-print recognition to gesture recognition to augmented reality to voice recognition to wireless charging, our custom ASICs and IP provide best performance, lowest power, smallest area at superior economic price points.

Application-Specific Memories

We live in a world of gadgets. At Adesto, we believe that the world should spend less time charging devices and changing batteries. That’s why we offer a range of application-specific low power memory solutions for every kind of consumer and industrial device. Our EcoXiP, DataFlash, Fusion, Serial Flash, and breakthrough CBRAM technologies offer the highest performance and lowest energy consumption of any comparable memory products on the market.

Smart sensors need low power non-volatile memory to log data and provide a reservoir for reference tables, calibration data, and over-the-air factory updates. Adesto’s breakthrough technology drives down energy consumption and provides smart, application-specific solutions for the next generation of wearable devices and sensors.

We’re Adesto. We make smart solutions for consumer electronics applications.