Medical Technology

Better healthcare through integrated intelligence

Within the medical industry, advanced electronics are finding their way into more applications, from large, high value imaging devices down to smart tags for blood products and surgical packs. Adesto offers a range of semiconductor and systems solutions that can help you optimize your medical device design.

Custom ASICs & IP

Working intimately with our customers, we deliver high-precision integrated arrays that digitize biological stimulus in very small form-factors, whilst consuming ultra-low power. An example of this is a portable DNA sequencer. We leveraged from our ultra-low power, low latency precision data-converter IP to realize this ASIC.

Application-Specific Memories

We know that for products like medical monitors and other battery operated IoT devices, memory technology is no longer all about cost. Product developers need to consider how a memory device can impact their system performance and overall product design.

Adesto offers an extremely low power, sterilization tolerant memory device to support medical device development. Adesto’s application-specific memories really make a difference in our customers’ designs – from wearable medical monitors to syringe pumps to pacemakers.


We’re Adesto. We make smart solutions for the future of healthcare.

We’re Adesto. We make smart solutions for the future of healthcare.