Smart Home

Smarter appliances. Lower energy costs. Integrated lighting, heating, and security systems.

The homes of the future will be smarter, safer, and more efficient. Dozens of sensors will constantly monitor everything from the quality of the air to the cake baking in the oven, while we control everything with a smartphone. Today, Adesto’s technologies can be found in security monitors, smart TV remotes, control systems for energy home appliances, door locks and leak detectors, and many other places across the increasingly connected and intelligent home.

Embedded Systems

Adesto’s embedded systems products enable OEMs, application developers, and integrators to rapidly build innovative and interoperable solutions that meet the unique requirements of the IIoT, which include autonomous control, industrial-strength reliability, and legacy protocol support. With Adesto, you can reduce energy consumption, capital costs, operating costs, and maintenance, and more accurately control business-critical conditions. We enable you to collect data to help customers achieve their business goals through better asset utilization.

Custom ASICs & IP

Adesto has many years’ experience in implementing full-custom industrial system-on-chip (SoC) designs, achieving as much as 80% bill of materials reductions for our customers. What’s more, because we optimize both at block and system level, our chips deliver the lowest total system power consumption and area, while delivering the best performance. Our integrated approach makes reverse engineering exceptionally impractical, thereby protecting your intellectual property.

Application-Specific Memories

Manufacturers and farmers can now gather and analyze massive quantities of data, helping them measure everything from soil acidity to machine efficiency. But these advantages could be wiped out by the simple cost of changing batteries. Adesto’s breakthrough technology drives down energy use and provides smart, application-specific non-volatile memory solutions for data-logging in industrial applications.

We're Adesto. We make smart solutions for more efficient building automation systems.