Health & Fitness


Watches, fitness trackers, health monitors, and whatever comes next. These are just a few of the growing number of applications for intelligent electronics to extend our senses and provide us real time data on our health and fitness. As these devices and their uses multiply, we’re developing ways to extend their operating life, and reduce the need to recharge.

Smart sensors need low power non-volatile memory to log data and provide a reservoir for reference tables, calibration data, and over-the-air factory updates. Adesto’s breakthrough technology drives down energy consumption and provides smart, application-specific solutions for the next generation of wearable devices and sensors.

We’re Adesto. We make smart chips for wearables.

Click on the products below to learn more about Adesto’s memory solutions. Featured devices include:

DataFlash®128 Byte Unique IDSector Security
Byte WriteWide VCCUltra Deep Power Down
Fusion128 Byte Unique IDLow Energy
Page Write/EraseWide VCCUltra Deep Power Down
Mavriq™ Byte WriteSterilization Tolerant
Ultra Low EnergyUltra Fast WriteWrite Protect of the Entire Array