October 1, 2018

S3 Semiconductors attended ISICAS 2018 (2-3 September) in Taormina, Italy. There was an exciting array of topics on the agenda both days.  Discussions covered the fields of analog, biomedical, sensor interface to name a few. There were a number of interesting papers with novel ideas, mostly targeting challenges for implementation of the Internet-of-Things.  Items like the constraints in design in terms of power and costs were discussed during the 2 days of the conference. All the accepted and presented papers, already available online, will be published in two special issues of TCAS-I and TCAS-II leading to high quality published material.

João L. A. de Melo, a senior mixed-signal design engineer at S3 Semiconductors presented his paper entitled “Continuous-Time Delta-Sigma Modulators Based on Passive RC Integrators” in the sigma-delta ADCs session. The idea behind his research work, is to remove the traditional high gain and high bandwidth amplifiers from the loop-filter of the delta-sigma modulator in order to implement low power ADCs. Instead of traditional amplifiers, passive RC integrators together with low gain amplifiers, as well as the contribution of the 1-bit comparator to the loop gain are proposed to obtain efficient designs. With this approach, it is possible to build one of the most energy and area efficient delta-sigma modulators. The design techniques proposed by Melo would be suitable for smart sensor interfaces for the IoT, since it will result in an extended battery life.  If you would like to know more contact

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