Upcoming Webinar Highlights Device-to-Cloud Security

May 8, 2019

Securing industrial IoT systems is a daunting task given the immense breadth of critical sensors, meters, controllers and devices that make up these systems. It’s even more challenging when connecting to legacy M2M, controls and automation systems that house a vast amount of system data which were deployed before the latest in security protocols. Add to that new and ever-emerging security threats which make ironclad security for IoT devices a system design imperative.

As part of this, it becomes critically important to secure the connection between the edge devices and cloud where data is analyzed/visualized/stored AND ‘air gap’ legacy IoT devices from IP networks where valuable enterprise data and systems reside.

Adesto recently announced a collaboration with IBM and NXP focused on making it easy for companies to do just that, with an implementation of hardware root-of-trust (RoT) and device-to-cloud security. We demonstrated our new SmartServer IoT edge server and the IBM Watson IoT Platform, together enabled by NXP’s A71CH secure element for IoT devices.

The solution provides an extra layer of security for businesses connecting their systems securely to the IBM Cloud. We joined with IBM and NXP at the recent IBM IoT Exchange in Orlando to demonstrate and present the solution – we received very positive support for this type of capability to be added to SmartServer IoT.

Next up: we’ll join these partners on a webinar which will explore the main data management challenges in terms of device-to-device and device-to-cloud security. During the event, we’ll share our perspective on the benefits of implementing the combination of technologies in buildings. Connecting the silos of automation in building automation systems (BAS) with the learning AI models in the IBM Watson IoT Platform can elevate energy management from reporting issues, to predicting usage, to recommending ways to save energy.

Through our relationships with IBM, NXP and other key industry players, we are making it easy for our industrial customers to realize the incredible benefits of bringing the IoT and data analytics to their existing infrastructures. SmartServer IoT plays a leading role in our initiatives, as it enables customers to unlock and harness the value of their industrial data.

The webinar is on Tuesday, May 14th at 8am Pacific Time. Don’t miss it!

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