FT 6000 Series Smart Transceivers

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The FT 6000 family of Smart Transceivers is the next-generation system-on-chips for modernizing and consolidating smart control networks. It is a key product in Adesto’s’s IzoT™ platform — the most comprehensive and open control networking platform for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Key Features

  • 3.3V operation. 80MHz system clock, 64KB RAM and 16KB ROM on-chip memories
  • Support for larger external flash memories, up to 256KB applications
  • Supports up to 254 Network Variables (NVs) and 127 aliases. Up to 254 address table entries (16-fold increase)
  • Low-cost surface mount FT-X3 Communications Transformer
  • Supports polarity-insensitive free topology star, daisy chain, bus, loop, or mixed topology wiring. Very high common-mode noise immunity.
  • User-programmable interrupts, hardware UART, 12 I/O pins with 35 programmable standard I/O models
  • Flash file system for data logging and other applications requiring persistent storage
  • Unique 48-bit IEEE MAC ID
  • 7 mm x 7 mm 48-pin QFN package, -40°C to +85°C.

Tech Specs


  • FT 6000 Smart Transceiver
  • Processor Input Clock 10MHz (5MHz to 80MHz system clock)

Processor Memory

64KB on-chip RAM, 16KB on-chip ROM, 512KB external serial flash memory, mapped to 64KB Neuron memory space based on IzoT NodeBuilder hardware template definition

Operating Input Voltage

+9 to 12VDC unregulated.

External I/O Power

Combined +5V and +3.3V current not to exceed 100mA.

External Power Supply

100 to 240VAC; 50 or 60Hz.

Operating Temperature

0 to +45°C

Non-operating Temperature

-20 to +70°C


140mm x 105mm x 30mm

EMC Compliance

EN 55022 Class A