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Adesto Technologies Announces DataFlash® 1 Billion Unit Shipment Milestone

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Feature-rich, non-volatile Serial Flash memory expands its presence in code and data storage applications

Adesto Technologies, a memory solutions provider delivering innovative products for code and data storage applications, today announced the shipment of its one billionth DataFlash product. DataFlash products are non-volatile memory devices with comprehensive features that help designers to improve overall system performance.

The shipment milestone comes after more than 10 years of product life, enhancing applications in a broad range of industrial, computer, communications, security, medical and consumer electronics. “DataFlash products are among the most widely-adopted non-volatile memory devices for code and data storage in the world,“ said Paul Hill, Director of Product Marketing. “Integrating our products into device designs and chipsets has lowered system costs and improved performance in devices ranging from digital cameras to smart energy meters. It’s that kind of value and versatility that has contributed to DataFlash’s success and longevity.”

Recently, Adesto announced the fifth generation of the DataFlash product family, the DataFlash “E” Series, with products that promise lower energy requirements and smart features for higher system efficiency and lower system costs. The family includes 2 Mb to 64Mbit memory devices.

For battery-operated, mobile and other energy conscious applications, the DataFlash E Series offers a range of features and options including industry-first capabilities such as wide VCC voltage operation and an “ultra-deep power down” mode. These energy-saving features target ultra-low energy (ULE) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) applications such as home automation, mobile communications, computer peripherals, remote controls, metering, medical and wearable electronics.

The E-Series products also include new “smart” features to improve system performance such as efficient “byte-write” that doesn’t require large block erase, and an industry-standard “erase-program-suspend-resume” command allowing concurrent read-while-write operations.

For system developers with designs currently using previous DataFlash generations, the E-Series devices are backward compatible, providing direct integration without additional development time and cost. The product suite also features comprehensive security and unique identification options to enhance system level security with features such as anti tamper mechanisms and secure boot capabilities.

“Backward compatibility has been a hallmark of DataFlash development,” said Hill. “We want our customers to take advantage of the benefits of our new generation products without causing them significant rework. Its intelligent features provide added value to design engineers –value that translates to real system level cost and energy -savings and improved system performance over competing products.”

Samples of the E-Series products are available to order now at

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