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Adesto Technologies Corporation Acquires Key Qimonda CBRAM Memory IP and Patents

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Adesto Technologies, a venture backed Silicon Valley company that is developing an ultra low power and scalable memory technology platform, has acquired intellectual property and patents related to Conductive Bridging Random Access Memory (CBRAM) technology from Qimonda AG. The agreement includes the purchase of 30 CBRAM patent families and the licensing of additional undisclosed patents.

“Our agreement with Qimonda now positions Adesto as the clear leader in CBRAM memory technology and enhances our current IP position in this area tremendously,” said Dr. Narbeh Derhacobian, CEO of Adesto Technologies. He added, “We are impressed with the Qimonda developed IP and believe it will accelerate our time to market in delivering our memory technology platform solution to end users in discrete and embedded application spaces.”

“Qimonda has created a large portfolio of patents in the area of emerging memory technologies. The agreement with Adesto is a step further on our way of marketing the Qimonda patents in the best interest of the creditors”, said Dr. Michael Jaffe, insolvency administrator over the estate of Qimonda AG. Qimonda AG, the former leading memory chip producer based in Munich, is under insolvency administration in Germany since January, 2009. In the course of the insolvency proceedings it is marketing its approximately 10,000 worldwide patents and patent applications stemming from decades of semiconductor research and development.

Qimonda had a strong history in developing emerging memory technologies like CBRAM. The nearly four year effort spent in developing CBRAM resulted in demonstrating the potential of this core technology to deliver a cost effective, high performance and low power non-volatile memory solution.

CBRAM technology is considered by many analysts to be the leading candidate to replace today’s floating gate based non volatile memories used in discrete Flash, Server memory as well as embedded because in addition to its low cost of integration into a standard CMOS process, it delivers low power and high performance operation, and its scalability.

“CBRAM is one of the leading emerging memory technologies that will enable the semiconductor industry to innovate with lower power and lower costs in standard CMOS processes,” said Alan Niebel, founder and CEO for Web-Feet Research, Inc., a non-volatile memory and storage semiconductor market research company located in Monterey, CA. Mr. Niebel added, “The potential for CBRAM goes beyond simple commodity flash as it also can be a very cost effective memory solution for embedded applications enabling a host of capabilities in many segments of integrated System-on-Chip end markets.”

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