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Adesto Technologies Corporation Announce New Appointments to its Management Team

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

(Sunnyvale, California. BUSINESS WIRE ) – Adesto Technologies, the leading developer of the low power, low cost CMOS based Conductive Bridging RAM (CBRAM™) Technology, announces the appointments of Michael Van Buskirk as Chief Technology Officer and Ravi Sunkavalli as Vice President of Product Development. The two join Adesto as the company is moving towards the production ramp of its first CBRAM devices slated for later this year. Michael Van Buskirk is considered an expert in the development and manufacturing of non-volatile memories having spent over 20 years at AMD and Spansion as Vice President of Worldwide Engineering, CTO and Corporate Vice President. Most notable, Mr. Van Buskirk was responsible for the corporate wide development of the MirrorBitTM technology at AMD. MirrorBitTM (Spansion’s charge trap NOR) technology development completely replaced their floating gate technology after the 90nm process node and became the basis for all of Spansion’s future non-volatile memory products. “With the growing interest in new, low power, non-volatile memories, I am pleased to be working on resistive change memory again. CBRAM has the potential to be deployed across a wide range of code and data storage applications in both discrete chips and embedded SOCs. Adesto has made tremendous progress in commercializing CBRAM and I look forward to being part of the team that is successfully bringing CBRAM to market,” said Mike Van Buskrik. Ravi Sunkavalli was previously the VP of Hardware Engineering at Achronix and before that the Director of IC Design at Velogix. Ravi brings to Adesto a wealth of experience in all aspects of complex technology integration in a variety of integrated circuit products. Mr. Sunkavalli will be directly involved in the customer design win efforts utilizing Adesto’s new CBRAM devices. “Adesto’s CBRAM technology platform represents a significant breakthrough as a high performance, low power and scalable storage solution. I am very excited to join the accomplished team at Adesto, which has hundreds of man-years of proven experience in successfully delivering numerous flash memory technologies and products to market and is now deploying CBRAM in mainstream CMOS technology,” said Ravi Sunkavalli. He added, “I look forward to participating in this exciting next phase of Adesto’s development efforts as it embarks on deploying CBRAM technology and products into the broader marketplace including embedded memory applications.”

“Adesto Technologies is putting in place the key executives that will enable it to advance CBRAM technology platform to meet the challenge of advanced scaling memory solutions ,” said Alan Niebel, founder and CEO for Web-Feet Research, Inc., a non-volatile memory and storage semiconductor research company located in Monterey, CA. “Michael Van Buskirk is well known in the industry for his accomplishments at Spansion and should play a critical role in launching Adesto as a significant new player in the non-volatile memory field.”

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