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Adesto Technologies Introduces New Wide-Voltage Range Serial Flash Memory

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Wide Voltage, Ultra-Low Power Additions Expand Company’s Products for Wearable, Mobile and Energy-Conscious Applications

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Sunnyvale, California, May 7, 2014 /Businesswire/ — Adesto Technologies, a leading provider of innovative semiconductor solutions for code and data storage applications, today announced the launch of a new family of wide-voltage range, ultra-low power Serial Flash memory products. The family includes 256-Kbit, 512-Kbit, and 1-Mbit densities and features page erase and industry-standard block erase capabilities. Products with 2-Mbit and 4-Mbit densities are scheduled for release later this year.

Targeted for wearable, mobile, and other energy conscious applications, the new “Fusion” Serial Flash family enhances Adesto’s existing AT25DF products by combining industry standard sector sizes and read/write commands with new features such as wide Vcc (1.65V-3.6V), “ultra-deep power down” mode, and page erase capability. The ultra-deep power down mode allows devices to function with a class leading standby current of 200 nanoamps — an order of magnitude improvement over standby modes available today.

With these features, the new memory can extend the life of battery-operated devices such as Bluetooth low energy (BLE) products, DECT ULE (Ultra Low Energy), ZigBee RF4CE, Z-Wave and other Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct applications.

“For wearable products and other applications that are almost always on, our new Fusion Serial Flash memory offers a significant advantage,” said Paul Hill, Director of Product Marketing. “Normal standby mode might provide one year’s battery life in a product such as remote control, but by using features such as ultra-deep power down you can cut the energy consumption in half, and double the application’s battery life.”

With a wide voltage range of 1.65V to 3.6V the new Fusion Serial Flash family not only uses less power during standard operation but also offers designers the ability to operate over the full Vcc range of the battery — maximizing on-board energy reserves and eliminating the need for external regulators. Products supported by Adesto serial memory can operate from unregulated battery supplies and will continue to operate even when the remaining battery reaches voltages below 2.3V — further extending battery life and device function.

“Adesto’s new Serial Flash additions with their value-added features define a new space for Serial Flash memory products,” said Ishai Naveh, Vice President of Marketing. “Not only will these new features offer solutions for better energy management, but they can also provide a cost-effective alternative to competing products. This furthers our agenda to offer differentiated memory solutions that provide real value to our customers.”

A companion family of new devices with a narrow Vcc range (2.3-3.6V) which also include the ultra-deep power down feature will be introduced in coming weeks for customers with standard voltage range requirements.

Samples and production devices of our new Fusion AT25DF series products are available now with standard lead times. To order samples or to purchase Adesto’s enhanced serial memory products, visit http:/

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