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Adesto Introduces Low Power, Sterilization-Tolerant Memory for Medical IoT Applications

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Non-Volatile Memory Products Provide New Capability for Wearable and Other Energy-Conscious Medical Devices

Sunnyvale, California, August 5, 2014 /BUSINESSWIRE/ — Adesto Technologies, inventor and market leader of the world’s lowest power memory solutions, today announced the RM24EP family of sterilization-tolerant, low energy non-volatile memory products targeting wearable and other energy-conscious medical devices .

Manufactured with Adesto’s robust memory technology known as CBRAM®, these innovative products maintain data integrity during the harsh temperature and irradiation conditions imposed by sterilization processes used in medical device manufacturing. CBRAM’s properties of low power and high radiation tolerance offer an intriguing capability for new and improved medical devices. Applications include wearable electronics, orthopedics, smart syringes and sample containers, surgical devices requiring sterilization before re-use, as well as many future applications. The RM24EP family will also benefit applications that rely upon boot code and reference and calibration data in areas such as RFID bio-material tracking, drug delivery and capsule-endoscopy.

Although Flash-based memory serves as a backbone of many electronic devices, sterilization modes using high energy irradiation or elevated temperature have challenged the survivability of traditional Flash technology. In fact, experiments show that traditional Flash memories can experience unrecoverable damage at only 1/50th of the typical irradiation dose applied during a routine sterilization process.

“This weakness is limiting the features, intelligence and flexibility of medical device designs that depend on memory storage,” said Ishai Naveh, VP of Marketing at Adesto. “It is also adding manufacturing steps and cost to the end product. With an essential need for sterilization and low-power operation, Adesto’s CBRAM®-based products will open new opportunities to medical product designers to add function to their intelligent, energy-conscious medical devices.”

RM24EP products maintain their stored data even in environments exceeding dose levels of 50 kGy gamma and E-Beam radiation and temperatures as high as 200C. The new RM24EP serial interface memory solutions are available in 32 kilobit, 64 kilobit and 128 kilobit densities and produced on Adesto’s proprietary CMOS-compatible resistive memory architecture for simple integration with System-On-Chip applications.

Pricing and Availability
The RM24EP and RM25EP narrow SOIC package versions are sampling now with resale unit price of $0.54 in 10,000 unit volume. For product samples and more information about the system advantages of Adesto’s sterilization-tolerant resistive memory solutions, or to download our datasheet and white paper, visit or contact

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