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Press Contact: David Viera

CEO interview: Adesto’s Derhacobian Looks to Move CBRAM to Asia

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Electronics360, July 2, 2014 — Narbeh Derhacobian, CEO of fabless nonvolatile memory startup Adesto Technologies Corp. (San Jose, Calif.), is looking expand the remit of his company’s conductive bridging RAM (CBRAM). That means higher capacities, smaller geometries, most likely a deal with an Asian foundry – but most of all it means application-specific memories tuned to what the market wants for wearable equipment and the Internet of Things.

Things are looking good for Adesto. The company is one of the first of many contenders to bring a new-generation of resistive RAMs to market. But back in 2012 the company appeared to take a sideways step when it announced the acquisition of Atmel’s Serial Flash product families based on EEPROM non-volatile memory technology…

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