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Accelerating the Industrial Internet of Things.

Our embedded components, modules, edge servers and software enable OEMs, application developers and system integrators to quickly develop robust, innovative and interoperable industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for their end users — solutions that meet the unique requirements of the industrial IoT, which include autonomous control, industrial-strength reliability and scalability.

These solutions can enable customers to reduce energy consumption, capital and operating costs, and maintenance; more accurately control business-critical conditions; establish a platform for additional networked applications; and collect data for better asset utilization, increased efficiencies, and powerful predictive analytics.

Edge Devices

Products in our edge device tier include chips and development kits. Our chips are embedded in industrial IoT devices such as load controllers, lighting drivers, sensors, meters and thermostats to enable them to act as peers working together to collect data and take cooperative action. These individual devices are managed by edge products such as our SmartServer™ IoT edge server.

Smart Transceivers

Our open, multi-protocol smart transceivers are systems on chips (SoCs) built on a fast Neuron core processor. They include protocol stacks for popular industrial field device communications including LON (all models) and BACnet (FT 6050). These chips are part of Adesto’s IzoT™ platform — the most comprehensive and open control networking platform for the industrial IoT.

Neuron Processors

The Neuron line incorporates communication and control functions on a single chip, in both hardware and firmware, to facilitate the design of a LonWorks device. Neuron processors can interface with a wide variety of media transceivers — including twisted pair, RF, IR, fiber-optics, and coaxial — at a wide range of data rates.

Development Kits

Development kits are tools that enable you to develop smart devices for today’s industrial IoT. Our kits include a complete hardware and software platform for product development and evaluation.

Edge Products

At the edge product tier, various control technologies and protocols are unified and supervised so that local decisions can be made at the device tier levels. In general, these products communicate southbound to control protocols such as LonWorks technology, BACnet, and Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP), and northbound to remote clients, web applications, and cloud services through an IP interface. They feature open application programming interfaces (APIs) for control and IoT use cases.

Edge Servers

Adesto's edge servers are open gateways/supervisors for industrial, building automation, energy management, commercial and lighting applications. The end-to-end SmartServer™ IoT facilitates IoT implementation with rich APIs, built-in services, secure IoT messaging to cloud services and more.


Our specialized IP routers provide out-of-the-box routing for LON and BACnet FT networks. They are ideal for use in process control, building automation, energy management, transportation systems control and telecommunications equipment management. The SmartServer IoT also serves as a remote network interface (RNI) to facilitate access to data between networks and from clients.

Network Interfaces

Available in DIN-compliant enclosures and as PCB components that may be incorporated in OEM products, Adesto’s network interfaces provide a variety of solutions for interfacing LonTalk/IP and LON FT twisted pair communications to a host computer, controller, or router.

Software & Services

At the management tier, our solutions connect the edge products and devices to enterprise software / cloud / information technology solutions, so business rules can be established for the control system, and operational data can be archived for later analysis. Additional software products and services complement our hardware products to provide complete, end-to-end solutions for integrators and developers.

Network Management Software

The IzoT software family is the basis of hundreds of third-party applications and plug-ins that are all intrinsically compatible. These powerful open integration tools work with LON and BACnet/IP devices from any manufacturer, speeding and simplifying design and deployment of IoT solutions.

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